What is Tristar

TriStar takes the world's most popular sports disciples - swimming, cycling and running - to serve them in the most fun and enjoyable way.

The events are designed for accessibility by triathletes and all other kinds of athletes who want to participate in races combining the world's three most popular sports disciplines.

The TriStar event series is based on a simple and understandable concept, unlike many other triathlon race formats. New formats attracting amateurs widen the scope of people interested in participation, which makes us witness rookies standing side by side with top triathletes. Beginners are pleased by the possibility to join relay teams where they can focus on one of the three disciplines;professional can use TriStar as a preparation for long-distance races. Shorter swim and run distances enable shortened recovery times, giving athletes the possibility to participate in more races than before. More TriStar, more fun!



Compared to other triathlon formats the TriStar formats offers a short swim course which is very interesting for triathlon beginners or pro athletes.


The focus of the TriStar triathlon lays on the bike course. Breathtaking scenery and mostly hilly bike courses are the way to show your bike ability and gives you nice experience on the bike.


The running distance is formed to have a quick and short run on a mostly flat running course. This short running courses guarantee you a shorter recovery time to race more races.



NEW TriStar destination 2019 – Lugano

On Sunday 23rd June 2019 in the city of Lugano beginners and top athletes will run side by side into the lake due to the next TriStar triathlon. The first time a TriStar 55.5 will be held (500m swim, 50km bike – 5km run) in the Canton Ticino in the south of Switzerland. Not only…


TriStar Switzerland date out now!

The new date of the TriStar Switzerland in Rorschach 2019 is out now – on the 7 July 2019 the next year’s race will take place in the beautiful region of Rorschach with the distances TriStar 111 and TriStar 55.5. Mark the date in your calendar and we are looking forward welcoming you next summer.…

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VLOG #4 – Profis über TriStar

Brauchst Du noch Gründe, weshalb Du beim TriStar starten solltest? Wir haben ein paar Stimmen von Profi-Athleten eingeholt, welche am diesjährigen TriStar Switzerland 2018 in Rorschach teilgenommen haben. Einige sind bereits das zweite Mal am Start gewesen, einige sind haben das erste Mal einen TriStar bestritten – lass Dich inspirieren und erfahre mehr über die…


Neues Datum TriStar Switzerland!

Das neue Datum des TriStar Switzerland in Rorschach 2019 steht – am 7. Juli 2019 findet das nächstjährige Rennen mit den Distanzen TriStar 111 und TriStar 55.5 statt. Markiere Dir das Datum bereits jetzt im Kalender und wir freuen uns, dich auch im nächsten Sommer in der schönen Bodenseeregion begrüssen zu dürfen. Die Registration öffnet…