McCrystal‘s TriStar Switzerland victory – Ronnie Schildknecht 2nd

(03.09.2017, Rorschach)
At the TriStar triathlon in Rorschach (Switzerland) Bryan McCrystal marks his victory in front of the Swiss triathlete legend Ronnie “I-Ron“ Schildknecht in the TriStar 111 distance. It was a tough race shaped by rain and icy coldness.
Schildknecht lost in the final part 1:16 minutes on winner McCrystal. The women’s victory in the TriStar 111 distance went to Barbara Bracher, who finished just over an hour later. From noon on and just in time for the finish of the shorter distance TriStar 55.5 suddenly the sun came out. In a thrilling finish, Michel Stalder won the race with an 8-second lead over Nando Baumann in 2:04.14 hours. For the women category the victory goes to Sandrine Benz who was able to distance the 2nd by about eight minutes.

You can find all race results here.

Press release TriStar Rorschach 2017