Neef’s (GER) and Derron’s (SUI) victory at the TriStar Switzerland 2018

At the TriStar Switzerland in Rorschach dominates the German
triathlete Sebastian Neef (GER) in front of the Austrian Thomas Steger. Nina Derron
(SUI) achieves a Swiss victory at the TriStar 111 female category, Ronnie Schildknecht
(SUI) wins the short format, TriStar 55.5.

At 7:30 on Sunday in front of the Würth Haus at the Lake Constance the starting pistol was
fired for the TriStar 111 category in Rorschach. More than 400 athletes joined this weekend
the TriStar triathlon experience, which stood out with perfect summer conditions compared to
last year’s edition. Warm water temperatures (24.5 degrees) and plenty of sunshine at the
picturesque boardertriangle. The opening started already on Saturday with the Kids
Triathlon, where the three sports disciplines were brought closer in a playfull way to the kids,
in four different kids triathlon distances.