Format & Distances

Distance Overview

Choose your favourite cycling distance, and then divide it by 10 for the run and by 100 for the swim.
For example, 1km of swimming, 100km of cycling and 10km of running add up to TriStar111.
TriStar has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Triathlon Union (ITU) which will integrate TriStar distances (222, 111, 55.5, 33.3, 11.1) into ITU official regulations. Positioning as an international series, TriStar is the first and unique private label to receive this international recognition from Triathlon’s world governing body.

Find your favorite distance and have fun in racing one of the following events:

The new worldwide brand for Triathlon events attracting a broad range of sports enthusiasts on a team-spirit – fun factor basis and the overwhelmingly positive message will generate masses of participants at our professionally organized events.

Whereas the approach of other triathlon events is focused on Triathlon professionals and their continuous battle for better results, the new TriStar® Triathlon series will be different and will attract new target groups with a surprisingly fresh approach. The open-minded, pleasant and charity-related approach will get friends, families and celebrities to start a Triathlon-Team.

The TriStar kick-off-event took place on 12 September 2009 in Andalucía (ESP) with the above-mentioned values and should be a milestone for all the upcoming TriStar events.