Media Accreditation

Written by admin on January 1, 2000.

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Press Information
Most of the race section will be closed for road traffic on race day. Journalists and photographers can get as close to the athletes as spectators can without any access passes, which means even without accreditation you will have the possibility to closely take part in the events, take impressive pictures of the athletes and report directly from the event. We can distribute accreditation to a limited amount of journalists/photographers only, in the interest of the athletes. Please be sure to ask for accreditation. Only media representatives who applied online in advance will be accredited on presentation of a valid press ID. Please come to see us and pick up your accreditation together with the press material in the Media Center before race day.

Computer Equipment
In the Media Center you will find a limited number of computer terminals (Windows/Office/Online). Also, we can provide you with WIFI connection to the internet in the Media Center. Please bring along a cable lock for your laptop. We do not provide a fax or landline phone in any of the locations. If you have specific needs, please let us know at the end of the application form.

Press Conference
There will be a press conference with a presentation of the race and the top favourites before the race. A photo call will be organized right after the Press Conference. You will receive the invitation to the Press Conference per email once you requested accreditation. Interviews and photos with the winners can be done right after the race in the Media Section at the Finishline.

Race Photos
TriStar provides high-resolution photos of the race. Typically, our official photographer(s) cover(s) the top athlete’s race. Our official photographer will have first priority in ALL locations and always provide the best pictures of the day. While his job is to cover the top athletes, you can conveniently cover your favourite athletes, local stars and special interest competitors – and still be sure to get the winner’s photos and other great images for free. These images will be retouched for printing (contrast, CMYK, colour balance) and published in printable, high-resolution quality on race day and can be downloaded and used for free. Photo-credits have to be printed along with every published image. All published photos include the photo-credit in the file name or file title (e.g. TRSTGE2010_c) (123).jpg – in this example the photo credit would have to be © Please send 2 (two) specimen hard-copies of your publication including official photo material to: Human Sports Management AG, c/o TriStar Sports & Events AG, Wetzwilerweg 1, 6221 Rickenbach, Switzerland. Thank you!

Media Rights Television
TriStar and/or their partner agencies own the television rights of all Star Events. If you plan to cover the event for broadcast, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to support you in order to make sure you have great material for broadcast.

Internet & Timing
TriStar owns the exclusive right to instantly publish audio and video material on the Internet. Any other reporting on our event on the Internet is limited to text and photographs during the race. TriStar provides extensive live timing tools for free on the internet, available to the press and online visitors to our website. Results will be posted online as downloadable Excel-files after clearing with race officials. You can then download the results and sort/copy/paste results for your publications. You are not allowed to post the full results on your website – please link to our results page in order to make sure the link is always pointing to the latest, correct and official file.

Photographers will be given accreditation for the use of photographs only in newspapers, magazines, books and on the Internet. You are not allowed to sell photos to the athletes.

Special Requests
Please feel free to get in touch with us for your special requirements and requests. We will be happy to help and to provide you with perfect work conditions so you can concentrate on reporting from our event. Yes, you can!