Fun & Easy

Swimming, Cycling & Running

While the other triathlon brands focus on triathlon professionals and their continuous fight for better results, TriStar offers something unique. Its fresh approach is aimed at attracting new groups of participants through a completely different positioning: The open-minded and simpatico approach will get friends, families and celebrities to start a triathlon-team. TriStar takes the world’s most popular sports disciples – swimming, cycling and running – to serve them in the most fun and enjoyable way.

New formats attracting amateurs widen the scope of people interested in participation, which makes us witness rookies standing side by side with top triathletes. Beginners are pleased by the possibility to join relay teams where they can focus on one of the three disciplines; professionals can use TriStar as a preparation for long-distance races. Shorter swim and run distances enable shortened recovery times, giving athletes the possibility to participate in more races than before. More TriStar, more fun!

Emphasizing the importance of environmental protection, TriStar races minimize their negative impact on the environment and what is more, influence positively participants’ behavior towards nature. In cooperation with the 4vita program, TriStar works towards the most effective way of waste management and makes participants involved with actions helping to communicate the importance of sustainability. The main message is straightforward “Take care about nature as much as you care about your body.”

The area of social responsibility is completed by support of local institutions in each destination. Variety of actions is undertaken in order to raise participants’ awareness and to generate money donations to these charities. The goal is to give local cancer facilities support in their efforts by collecting money for them and by providing them with a platform to reach the public.

TriStar already unveiled a handful of fresh, fun-oriented new features and there is much more to come. Legalizing drafting on some of the races makes them more thrilling than ever. Giving the possibility to race in teams of five brings the team spirit back to a sport that was for a long time perceived as individual. TriStar comes to break down the old-fashioned triathlon mindset and make everyone enjoy their race in a new, exciting way.